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How to Choose the right Treatment Center That works For You.

22 Critical Questions to Ask When Choosing a Treatment Center
  1. Does the treatment center offer Biochemical Restoration and how do they define Biochemical Restoration?
  2. How do they plan to eliminate depression, anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, and racing mind?
  3. How many different medical labs will they receive and ask if they would fax you a copy of the labs they do? Do they provide an explanation of each lab test?
  4. How involved is the Doctor with client care and how available is the Doctor is for client needs?
  5. How many individual, one-on-one counseling sessions will the client receive each week?
  6. How long has the treatment team been working together and what is their experience?
  7. Are the counselors Masters Level and licensed?
  8. What is the primary mode of treatment?
  9. Is the program Holistic in nature and what does that mean?
  10. Is the treatment plan customized to the client's individual needs and goals or a standardized treatment plan for everyone? Does the client participate in creating their treatment plan?
  11. Does the center prescribes addictive medications such as benzodiazepines or opiates?
  12. What kind of exercise program will the client participate in?
  13. Will the client go on any outings and what would these be?
  14. What kind of meals will be served? For example; no sugar, low carbohydrates, healthy, natural, or organic.
  15. Will the client meet with a licensed Nutritionist?
  16. What length of time does the client continue to receive counseling following the initial treatment phase, and is there is an extra cost?
  17. How often does the team meet to discuss the client's clinical and medical progress?
  18. Is the staff available 24/7?
  19. Is the treatment center licensed by the state?
  20. Will clients have access to their cell phones and laptops?
  21. Does the treatment center provide the client with a complete breakdown of cost for treatment in such a way that they can compare the cost with other treatment centers?
  22. Will the treatment center provide the client with legitimate names and phone numbers of past clients to talk with regarding their treatment experience with the center?
Contact InnerBalance Health Center to hear our answers.
Call 800-900-BALANCE (2252) to discuss our answers to these critical questions. We will openly discuss each of these questions in depth so that you can make the best decision for you. To print a copy of these questions to use when evaluating treatment centers, click here to open PDF of questions to suitable for printing.

Researchers have found the drive to self-medicate using drugs and alcohol is directly related to:

• Genetic Factors • Nutritional Deficiencies
• Medical Conditions • Biochemical Imbalances

These imbalances will only be exaggerated when the dependant substances are removed from the body. This is why eighty percent of the time, a person will return to using drugs and alcohol in response to cravings, depression, fatigue and anxiety. At InnerBalance Health Center in Colorado, we have a successful alcohol and drug treatment program that can help you live your life to its fullest potential- drug and alcohol free. Our holistic approach helps end cravings that cause addiction. Balancing the medical aspect of biochemical repair along with more traditional talk therapies and counseling have a profound effect on life long sobriety. Studies have proven that chemical imbalances can lead to cravings and addictive behavior. Talk therapies are wonderful but when used alone, are ineffective if the root cravings still exist. Our alternative treatment program significantly increases the effectiveness of traditional drug and alcohol addiction programs.

InnerBalance Health Center is an alcohol and drug treatment center located in Colorado and has been helping people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions since 1998. Our combination of Biochemical Restoration, Nutritional Counseling, Talk Therapy and Emotional Lifestyle counseling help separate InnerBalance Health Center from other alcohol and drug treatment centers and have resulted in successful sobriety in over 80% of our clients.

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Joe Eisele discusses how to end the cycle of addiction.
- Eye on Addiction Radio, Feb 2012 [Listen to full interview here]

Feature Article in Bella Spark Magazine
Joe Eisele discusses why Biochemical Repair is the key to treating drug and alcohol abuse.
- Bella Spark Magazine, May 2012 [Read full article here]

Feature Interview on Fox News Radio 600KCOL
Al Malmberg chats with Tyson White and Lynn Smith, RN from Inner Balance in Loveland. Tyson describes his road to recovery and Lynn explains the nutrition involved for those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions
- Al Malmberg Interview, April 2012 [Listen to full interview here]

Feature Article in Alternative Medicine Magazine
"Know anyone who has ever tried to kick the habit? Then you've no doubt heard that talk therapy and 12-step programs don't always work, long-term. Alternative clinics like [InnerBalance Health Center], however, boast high success rates. They concentrate on healing the brain and balancing the body to help cure the urge to indulge."
- Lisa Marshall, August 2006 [read full article here]

Feature Article in Addiction Professional Magazine
"Biochemical restoration is the 'missing link' to why traditional treatment for addiction is ineffective."
- Joe Eisele, CACIII, NCAC - Clinical Director, February 2007 [read full article here]

Please call us to speak with a counselor or We are here to help and there is absolutely no obligation.

This is the cycle of addiction. InnerBalance is the way out.

For immediate alcohol & drug treatment assistance:
call 1-800-900-BALANCE (2252) or email us at



InnerBalance offers a variety of flexible payment options:

  • Private Insurance Accepted
  • Sorry, Medicare/Medicaid
    not accepted
  • Financing Available

Maintaining a sober lifestyle is my ultimate goal. InnerBalance has given me the tools to help ensure my life of sobriety is lasting and successful.

I look forward to staying in touch with the staff of the clinic in the aftercare program. At this point I consider myself lucky to have found this program.”

~ Sandy M.

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