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Holistic vs. Traditional Treatment

Holistic rehabilitation means treating and repairing the whole person from damage done by addiction to the mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment. All of these elements of a person’s life need to be brought back into balance for total recovery and success, hence the name InnerBalance Health Center.

Many treatment centers may focus on just one of these four crucial elements making it difficult to achieve lifelong sobriety. InnerBalance Treatment Center has had incredible success with customized treatment plans that specifically address each these elements for each patient. By restoring a person’s biochemical imbalances, we are able to help eliminate cravings that lead to addiction. InnerBalance doesn’t treat addiction symptoms alone.  We also teach coping skills and how to eliminate the source of cravings, providing the lifelong tools necessary to stay sober.

Understanding the interaction between mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment is the key to our incredible success rate. Learn more about our treatment here.

Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addiction for Good book

Our Holistic Treatment Connects Addiction To:

Balancing Body Chemistry Leads To Long Term Sobriety

I am knocked out by the intelligence, knowledge and experience of all the staff. Truly from the office staff, therapists, nutritionists and house staff. It’s really quite remarkable that this quality of support can be found in one place. I’m still pinching myself. How did I get so lucky. The experiences were so carefully planned and implemented.

I have gathered a toolbox of coping skills that I believe can set me free.

The most significant change for me is an understanding of my disease and my physiology. The education I received on healthy eating habits has been invaluable. Finding my connection to a higher purpose was a life changing surprise. I believe I now have a basic understanding of how and why my disease had progressed the way it did. The supplements and the therapy combined have given me hope for a full recovery. The aftercare piece is huge.

I am so grateful for this program and am leaving with a heavy heart. I would love to be able to spend 60 days but it’s time to test my new coping skills and newer understandings out in the real world.

Jennifer B.

2020 Client

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When looking for help with addiction there are many sources to turn to. Many treatment options focus on a specific aspect of addiction. At InnerBalance Health Center we strive to heal the entire person and eliminate the cravings that lead to addiction. Lifelong sobriety is our ultimate goal as well as re-building connections with loved ones.

We understand that addiction is a disease. Countless medical studies as well as emerging research have shown the link between biochemical imbalances and cravings. Genetics, lifestyle, support and diet are also major contributors to addiction.

We maintain a Gluten Free diet to support healing from brain trauma after the use of alcohol and drugs. Numerous studies have proven that Gluten cross reacts with brain tissue and may increase damage after brain trauma.

We understand the causes of addiction and teach you the tools necessary to achieve sober living.

It is known that simply taking something away doesn’t solve a problem long-term. It needs to be replaced with something else, because nobody likes a void.  Whether it’s abstaining from unhealthy food, or freeing up time on a calendar, our tendency as humans is to fill the space with something. This situation is no different. So what does a loved one, treatment team or society have to offer that replaces the deep need to fill a void of a highly addictive substance?

Although the answer isn’t short, it is here, and if you are searching for a way to stop the addictive behavior, either in yourself or others, you’ve come to the right place.

biochemicalWe have an 86% Client Satisfaction rating, here’s why: 

At Northern Colorado’s InnerBalance Treatment Center, our combination of Biochemical Restoration, Nutritional Counseling, Talk Therapy and Emotional Lifestyle Counseling help separate InnerBalance Health Center from other alcohol and drug treatment centers.

We don’t just treat your addiction symptoms here!  We partner with you to eliminate the source of addiction cravings and teach you coping skills to prepare you with the lifelong tools necessary to stay sober. This holistic approach has given us an 86% customer satisfaction rating from surveyed clients at the end of their 28 day treatment experience.

The staff at InnerBalance has been helping people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions since 1998. Our successful programs are designed to help you live your life to its fullest potential – drug and alcohol free, resulting in one of the highest success rates in the country. Our treatment is focused on giving you the tools for long term success.

By replacing and replenishing biochemical, nutritional and emotional and environmental balances, we help end cravings, depression, fatigue and anxiety.  This has a profound effect on life-long sobriety.

We know treatment costs can be an issue

You may have already invested money in treatment plans, only to have relapses and repetitive behavior keep your pocketbook empty and resentment high. It’s time to make a change. Make InnerBalance Health Center the LAST treatment program you ever need. We offer financing and work with most insurance providers. Our 100% guarantee is simple. If you follow our staff recommendations and you experience a relapse within 6 months of completing the program, you are welcome to come back at no charge.

The reason we can make such a strong offer is because of our highly successful sobriety rate and holistic treatment approach. So make your money count. Learn more about here.

Financing options for addiction treatment

Treat depression, anxiety, racing thoughts naturally

Understanding the interaction between mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment is the key to our incredible success rate. All of these elements of a person’s life need to be brought “back into balance” for total recovery and success, hence our name, InnerBalance.

One of the major conditions of ongoing drug and alcohol addiction are biochemical imbalances (Learn More). It’s important to note this because our biochemical activity is the system that controls our impulses or signals which are sent from one nerve cell to another. When we implement biochemical recovery, we can solve symptoms that we might self medicate for like depression, anxiety and racing thoughts.

Restoring a person’s biochemical imbalances will help eliminate cravings that lead to addiction. We don’t just treat the symptoms and teach you to cope, we strive to eliminate the source of cravings and prepare you with lifelong tools necessary to stay sober.

Repairing the damage done by addiction to the mind, body, spirit, emotions and environment is possible and is happening at Loveland, Colorado’s InnerBalance Health Center.


The road to recovery can be long and confusing, but you don’t have to make the journey alone. Many people just don’t know the facts…like traditional treatment programs have a very low success rate of only 5-20%.   If you’ve just learned that a loved one has an addiction, you may be overwhelmed, making it hard to think clearly.  Treatment is a big commitment and you should know exactly what you’re getting for your investment. Faced with inpatient and outpatient options, what’s included and what’s not included, success rate vs. unsuccessful treatment; there is a lot to consider.  It is important to fully understand the process of treatment and reputation of the facility. We provide you answers.  Review our 25 Must Ask Questions Resource to help guide your search efforts.

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Family Program

InnerBalance Health Center is dedicated to the treatment and recovery of the chemically addicted person and also offer support to their family members, friends, and even employers.

Chemical dependency is a complex and deadly illness with devastating effects on everyone in the addicted person’s life. Family members and close friends often experience as much confusion, anger, frustration, hurt, and guilt as the individual who directly experiences the illness. Family members often feel blamed for behaving in ways that seem natural and normal family behaviors. Feelings are often suppressed resulting in depression, anger, anxiety, and sometimes numerous physical ailments. Trust and communication are often damaged or shattered, resulting in a sense of helplessness and frustration. Family members often do not seek or receive the information, support, and guidance required for them to heal. Recovery potential for everyone may be threatened or reduced.

The good news is: the damage generated by addiction can, and does heal if all individuals receive accurate information, guidance, and support as the recovery process progresses. As a result, relationships can, and often do become stronger and more satisfying than previous. Learn more about our Family Program here.

Research has shown treating addiction with talk therapy alone is less effective than a holistic treatment approach

Researchers have found the drive to self-medicate using drugs and alcohol is directly related to:

• Genetic Factors
• Nutritional Deficiencies
• Medical Conditions
• Biochemical Imbalances

These imbalances will only be exaggerated when the dependent substances are removed from the body. This is why eighty percent of the time, a person will return to using drugs and alcohol in response to cravings, depression, fatigue and anxiety. At InnerBalance Health Center in Colorado, we have a successful alcohol and drug treatment program that can help you live your life to its fullest potential- drug and alcohol free. Our holistic approach helps end cravings that cause addiction. Balancing the medical aspect of biochemical repair along with more traditional talk therapies and counseling have a profound effect on life long sobriety. Studies have proven that chemical imbalances can lead to cravings and addictive behavior. Talk therapies are wonderful but when used alone, are less effective if the root cravings still exist. Our alternative treatment program significantly increases the effectiveness of traditional drug and alcohol addiction programs.

InnerBalance Health Center is an alcohol and drug treatment center located in Colorado and has been helping people suffering from alcohol and drug addictions since 1998. Our combination of Biochemical Restoration, Nutritional Counseling, Talk Therapy and Emotional Lifestyle counseling help separate InnerBalance Health Center from other alcohol and drug treatment centers and has resulted in successful lifelong sobriety for the majority of our clients.

Genetic Factors

Addiction is a complex disease.  Genetics, environment, diet and trauma can all make someone susceptible to addiction. Ongoing scientific research has show that addiction is influenced by genes.  Specifically the MTHFR 1298 and the CBS genes have been associated with susceptibility to addiction.

A crucial piece of the InnerBalance Treatment Program includes testing for these genes via a blood test.  Just because one carries this gene, it does not mean sobriety is beyond reach.  In fact, with the introduction of specific supplements and natural health compound treatment, long term recovery is likely.

The test has also been able to identify additional symptoms that can affect not only the addiction patient, but also their families.  For example, the MTHFR 677 gene is not necessarily associated with addiction, but it has been traced to an increased cancer risk and heart problems.  When identified, simultaneously, patients can begin prevention of these potential issues as well.  Often, we also recommend testing of family members and can provide them the needed supplements and nutritional compounds to start early prevention as well.

Nutritional Deficiencies

98% of alcoholic patients and 75% of drug addicted patients treated at InnerBalance have hypoglycemia (irregular blood sugar levels) because of poor and malnutrition.  Addiction patients suffer with lifelong symptoms of depression, anxiety, racing thoughts, mood swings and insomnia and don’t know why.  They reach for drugs and alcohol as a natural response to their brain wanting the sugar high.

Research has shown these symptoms are often directly related to blood sugar levels.  InnerBalance strives to provide not only a highly nutritious diet, but also a diet that regulates sugar levels and nourishes the brain and the body.  We educate our clients on the importance of maintaining nutrition and feeling good and even provide them with recipes that can keep their new healthy lifestyle going post treatment.

Biochemical Imbalances

At Colorado’s InnerBalance Health Center, we strive to analyze your biochemistry with extensive lab work in order to gain a better understanding of the physiological effects of your drug or alcohol addiction.

A crucial component of our holistic addiction treatment process, is understanding biochemical imbalances that can make a person more prone to the addictive cycle. By restoring chemical balance, a person is much more capable of overcoming addiction.

Biochemical Restoration works in conjunction with talk therapy, emotional, and lifestyle counseling creating one of the most effective rehabilitation programs around.

Addiction is a physical illness. Individuals are more likely to develop an addiction or keep returning to drugs and alcohol if they suffer from underlying physiological imbalances such as:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Amino acid imbalances
  • Toxicities
  • Nutrient deficiencies
    and more…

At InnerBalance Health Center, we discover these biochemical imbalances in three ways:

1. Lab testing:

Our recovery program begins with a series of extensive lab tests performed by our expert staff of medical doctors and nurses to identify problematic biochemical factors

2. Symptoms:

We have found certain symptoms such as anxiety, depression, racing thoughts and sleeplessness are related to biochemical imbalances. By checking the results of lab tests against the symptoms that our clients are experiencing, we can ensure an accurate reading of the underlying biochemical conditions.

3. Nutrition:

A poor diet can perpetuate depression, anxiety, and cravings that drive people to return to self-medication. Balance can be restored and maintained through proper nutrition.

Our medical staff uses these results to create an individualized biochemical restoration health plan as part of rehabilitation. Appropriate vitamins, amino acids and hormonal supplement support, as well as a healthy diet, correct the body’s deficiencies and provide physical relief for many symptoms of addiction.

Once balance is restored and repaired in the body, the patient is stronger and healthier, leading to a more complete recovery. Life-long sobriety is possible after the needs of the whole person — body, mind, emotions, and spirit — are met.

To learn more about biochemical restoration, watch the informative video to the left.

25 MUST Ask Questions

When researching treatment centers

Questions to ask when searching for a treatment center

The road to recovery can be long and confusing. Faced with many options for treatment, it is important to fully understand the process of treatment and reputation of the facility. We believe in being completely open and transparent. Here are our answers to the top questions everyone should ask when searching for an addiction treatment center.

Why would you go into an addiction program without knowing exactly what their treatment consists of? Treatment is a big commitment and you should know exactly what you’re getting. Too many people go blindly into treatment programs and the vast majority of these programs have a success rate between 5% and 20%. Would you choose a doctor who has had such a low success rate? At InnerBalance you will get all of your questions answered.  You can find the MUST ask questions here.

86% client satisfaction rating and a 100% Guarantee.

“I love IBHC. The staff was phenomenal.

I immediately felt at ease and also felt that the people and staff truly cared about me and my sobriety.”

– Bobbi D.

“I have been through two treatment programs.

Out of the two, I would very highly recommend this type of treatment because of the whole body experience.”

– Ginger R.


“It is an amazing place that is very comfortable and relaxing.

All the staff is very helpful and I thank everyone for helping me through such a hard time.”

– Amanda R.

“It is the future-no doubt.

I have been to other programs but they failed because they only offered emotional counseling. I appreciate everyone’s passion and knowledge.”

– Noah D.

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