Compare InnerBalance Health Center to Other Treatment Programs

The decision to choose an addiction treatment center is a serious one. There are literally hundreds of programs to choose from and dozens of different philosophical approaches. While we believe that our approach that has developed over the past two decades is second-to-none, we also realize that it may not be well suited for everyone.

There are many great treatment centers available as well as support groups. What probably led you to InnerBalance is because you are looking for an alternative approach that takes a more holistic approach to treatment. When reviewing treatment programs be sure to look at the entirety of services offered. While our costs are comparable to many residential treatment centers, you will find that we offer a full compliment of medical lab testing, nutritional chef prepared meals, supplements, health club membership, etc. There are no hidden “add-on” costs and all fees are well known up-front. Be sure to read our “Questions to Ask” When Choosing a Treatment Center.

Listed below is a comparison of InnerBalance Health Center to other treatment centers.

Compare Biochemical Center
Compare Addiction Centers
Biochemical Restoration
Extensive medical lab tests, supplements, IV’s, medical evaluations.
Very limited medical lab tests.
Length of Program
28 Days with Additional Post Counseling Support
Typically 28 days
Typically 14-28 days or Weekly Sessions
Staff Qualifications
Extensive addiction experience and personal treatment from highly qualified staff and doctors.
Often highly qualified counselors but limited “medical” staff and nutritionists for understanding true biochemical restoration.
Success often tied to single counselor. Limited medical and nutritional knowledge and expertise.
Personalized Treatment
Tailored medical treatment and numerous individual counseling sessions.
Standardized and limited medical labs and primarily group sessions.
Group sessions.
Post Counseling Support
11 months of counseling and after-care support
Residential Facility
Luxury treatment center with gourmet, organic meals included.
Varies widely
varies widely
Luxury Private Rooms Available or Double Occupancy Rooms Available
Varies widely
varies widely
Please contact us for prices and availability. We can match or beat any comparable program.
Full costs can be unclear. Ensure you know all costs up front
Difficult to obtain and some contain “hidden” costs.

Evaluating Treatment Centers

Learn the most common questions to ask when searching for addiction treatment centers and discover our answers to these critical questions.

Questions to Ask Treatment Centers