Benefits of Talk Therapy in a Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Program

The mind is a very powerful tool. It can be constructive, but in the case of a person who abuses or is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be destructive. Even with successful biochemical repair, thoughts can lead back to self-medication. Relapse is often caused by a faulty belief system: a struggling alcoholic or drug user will believe they can get away with it, that they can handle it, that they won’t lose control.

Changing the thinking of a substance abuser

At InnerBalance Health Center, we use talk therapy not to dig into our clients’ past, which can perpetuate the problem by bringing up anger, frustration, and depression. Rather, we focus on the individual’s thinking and how it affects their chemical use. The goal is to create a psychological shift in thinking, to develop a new belief system where the user starts to think of drugs and alcohol in the same way as any other poison that will invariably damage their life.
Talk therapy is an important part of recovering from addiction, and our staff of therapists are experienced in helping drug and alcohol abusers to change the way they think so they can stay away from drugs and alcohol for good.