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Sugar Smarts

Sugar Smarts You heard it growing up, “Too much sugar will rot your teeth!” Besides being a threat to teeth, sugar wreaks havoc throughout the body and it is all too easy to consume sugar in excess on a daily basis. According the the Centers for Disease Control and...

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Treat Addiction With Biochemical Restoration

Biochemical Restoration to Treat Addiction Drugs and alcohol alter and damage biological systems throughout the body. Addiction is not just a mental or emotional illness, but a physical illness as well. Counseling, behavior therapy, and group therapy address the...

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Finding Meetings At Home & Beyond

Finding Meetings At Home & Beyond After leaving treatment, building a community of support is a key to lasting sobriety. Finding meetings, and finding the right meetings for you, provide a strong foundation. Your treatment center will assist by connecting you to...

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Technology’s Role

Technology's Role in Future Addiction Treatment Smartphones, tablets and computers play a huge role on our day to day life, for entertainment, work, personal communication and expression. Could our phones become an additional tool for battling addiction?  Apps...

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Insomnia & Addiction

Insomnia & Addiction We all know the difficulty and frustration of functioning on just a few hours of sleep. Having a rough night occasionally is one thing, but the pain of on-going chronic sleep disturbance impacts every aspect of life—work performance, decision...

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Opioid Crisis : Heroin

Opioid Crisis Hits Home: Heroin Beautiful fields of opium poppy flowers produce heroin, a drug that makes some rich while it destroys the lives of many more. Drug cartels oversee the growth and harvest of opium poppies and control the manufacture, transportation and...

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Opioid Crisis : Fentanyl

Opioid Crisis Hits Home: Fentanyl Contributing to the devastation of the opioid crisis is the arrival of the extremely potent—and deadly—man-made drug fentanyl. Fentanyl’s propensity to kill comes from it’s extreme strength. According to the Centers for Disease...

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Colorful Colorado

Recovery in Colorado Mountains, plains, sand dunes, hot springs, ancient cliff dwellings, and sunshine—so much sunshine—create a beautiful place to live or visit. The Rocky Mountains dominate the western half of the state while plains stretch along the eastern half....

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Healthy Food, Healthy You

Healthy Food, Healthy You Nutrition plays a huge role in overall health. Rather than sporadic dieting, the key to healthy nutrition is establishing lifelong patterns. Healthy eating patterns over a lifetime contribute to the development of all body systems. Choosing...

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The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home: Prescription Drugs

The Opioid Epidemic Hits Home: Prescription Drugs Everywhere. Everyone. Families and communities—whether urban, suburban or rural—have felt the sting of the opioid epidemic. Individual states began declared public health emergencies ahead of the recent national public...

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Meet our Clinical Director – Joe Eisele

Meet our Director - Joe Eisele Joe Eisele has made it his life's work to help people struggling with addiction heal themselves and rebuild their lives. Through his own journey with addiction and relapse, he found that success came only when his underlying depression,...

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Treating Addiction by Healing the Brain

Treating Addiction by Healing the Brain For addicts to recover they must overcome the damage wrought on the brain by drugs and alcohol. This healing, done at the cellular level, contributes greatly to lasting sobriety. Addiction is progressive and chronic; treatment,...

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