Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addiction for Good - Joe Eisele, InnerBalance Health Center Loveland, CO

This extraordinary and inspiring book, Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addictions for Good: How Chemical Restoration Radically Improves Your Chances of Recovery, by Joseph Eisele, CAC III in Conversation with Sharon R. Montgomery, provides cutting-edge truths and wisdoms for transformational living. Beautifully thought-out, Mr. Eisele provides compelling science-based insights into the potential of living a fulfilling and deeply rewarding life on a daily basis. Brilliant new concepts pertaining to the restoration of neurophysiological chemistry in drug and alcohol addictions, as well as a fascinating breadth of integrated discussion pertaining to use and abuse, addiction, and stages of recovery are presented in an easy-to- relate-to fashion. It is noted that in traditional substance abuse treatment programs, relapse rates may approximate eighty percent.

An excellent read, Mr. Eisele makes the point that while the mind may be willing to make a change, the brain biochemistry requires change as well. Bringing our metabolic system into balance. Otherwise, substance abuse and addictive behavior has not been impacted at its central and most fundamental level…biochemical patterns. When using chemical restorative approaches to assessment and treatment, combined with holistic/heart-based therapies (including one-to-one counseling, group conversations, bio counseling, life coaching, spiritual discovery, and family programs), marked transformation can occur, with much lower relapse rates, approaching 30-35%.

This compassionate and enlightening book provides the conceptual and scientific basis for understanding why people face the possibility of high relapse rates, as well as the origin of substance abuse and addictive tendencies at a young age. Professional insights defining “The Addiction Train” are presented which identifies a critically overlooked area of substance abuse treatment…biochemical assessment, treatment and recovery. Techniques are presented to assist with the understanding of chemical restoration and holistic transformation into wellness. Hormonal imbalances, chemical sensitivities, vitamins, minerals, as well as amino and organic acids are all discussed as they apply to substance abuse and addiction. The role of sugar, caffeine, nutritional eating habits, and metabolic testing are also addressed.

Joseph Eisele, CAC III and Sharon Montgomery provide wonderful expertise from two different perspectives; one from a highly qualified certified addiction recovery specialist\health center director with many decades of professional and personal experience, and the other from the viewpoint of a loving, caring, keenly dedicated mother who deeply desires to find the answers to her son’s entrenched addictive patterns of self-destruction, fear, despair and hopelessness (“Addiction is not a decision for people to unmake, it is a process to unravel”-Joseph Eisele, CAC III). This engaging and deeply personal conversation, where each courageously shares their relationship to substance abuse and addiction provides the reader with a broad and intimate context of participation in the multi-faceted addiction journey, with new understandings of the critical role of biochemical restoration in addiction recovery (“The Missing Link”). Along the way, each Storyteller is profoundly influenced by the other’s amazing Story, and this leads to one of the central themes of this seminal work, namely that a key component to health transformation is the restorative treatment of the underlying biochemical factors inherent in the addiction.

Importantly, this marvelous book is filled with concepts, tools, tips and signposts for guiding one’s life toward a new start. A new beginning. One filled with hope, optimism, and empowerment…not just to survive, but to thrive. Professionals involved or interested in substance abuse and addiction recovery, family members, and individuals on the road to recovery, wherever they may be in the journey, will all find this to be an essential book on their favorites reading list.

Allen D. Brandon, Ph.D.

Founder, Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences, P.C.; Fort Collins, CO