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Here you will find valuable information that will walk you through the admissions process.

Important Information Regarding Deposit & Admission
– Immediate Action Required –

Thank you for your security deposit of 20% to attend InnerBalance Health Center’s treatment program. This deposit guarantees space on the agreed upon enrollment date.

After we receive your deposit and have reserved a space for you for a particular date and because we have a waiting list of clients wanting to enter the program, if you choose not to start the program, you will forfeit the 20% deposit. Entry into the program is on a first come first served basis. Each deposit form is time stamped based on the time this form is submitted. Payment in full for the program is due upon admission.

To ensure the best treatment for each client, InnerBalance has strict policies and procedures along with corresponding fines and penalties designed to keep each client safe and focused on recovery.

Ancillary medical care and/or additional lab tests

Actual cost – Although we would like you to be free from alcohol and mind altering, addictive substances upon enrollment, it is not our recommendation you stop alcohol or other drugs without medical assistance. Please talk with your physician about stopping alcohol and these drugs. If you need assistance with this, please contact us and we would be happy to help you. Clients will be tested on intake and if positive for life-threatening substances that could cause severe withdrawal, may be taken to detox and could lead to a delay in entering treatment. This excludes necessary prescriptions cleared by the Clinical Director. Costs associated with detox, additional lab testing and ancillary medical care above and beyond that associated with our program will be at the client’s expense. Clients will be expected to actively participate in all drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and should be able to function without major limitations. Do not drink alcohol the day of admission – will be breathalyzed upon admission and reading must be 0.00.
Relapse on drugs or alcohol
Additional charges for extra services required – can range as high as $500. Possible discharge if there is a second relapse*
Unexcused curfew violation
Fee assessed in accordance with counselor’s time – discharge from housing on second occurrence**
Drugs or alcohol brought into facilities
Fee assessed in accordance with counselor’s time – immediate discharge from housing**
Smoking in or within 20 feet of facilities
Fee assessed in accordance with counselor’s time – possible discharge from housing**
Entering client’s private rooms or having sex with another client
Fee assessed in accordance with counselor’s time – immediate discharge from housing**
Causing a reportable disturbance in or around facilities
$500 – immediate discharge from housing**
Unexcused missed individual sessions, group meetings and classes
Fee assessed in accordance with counselor’s time – possible discharge on second occurrence*

Damaged or lost property

Replacement cost

* If a client is dismissed from the program, they may apply for re-admission to the program after 30 days.
**If a client is discharged from InnerBalance housing, we will help the client procure alternative housing. If a client relapses, depending on the level of intoxication, they may be taken to a detox center at their own expense.

InnerBalance Health Center

Loveland, Colorado
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We use a truly holistic approach to treating addiction.

Addiction Treatment payment options InnerBalance Health Center

Payment Options

We know treatment center costs can be an issue, and for many patients, treatment costs can be a roadblock to getting help. That's why we at InnerBalance Health Center are here to help.

Residential Accommodations Rehab Loveland, Colorado


Located in beautiful Loveland, Colorado. InnerBalance Health Center is a Bed & Breakfast type environment which offers comfortable private or shared rooms with private bathrooms.

Staying sober InnerBalance Health Center

Staying Sober

We are always here for you well after treatment at our facility ends. Whether it is through our after-care program or just ongoing questions and concerns, we welcome our past clients with open arms.

“It is the future-no doubt. I have been to other programs but they failed because they only offered emotional counseling. I appreciate everyone’s passion and knowledge.”

– Noah D.

“I love IBHC. The staff was phenomenal. I immediately felt at ease and also felt that the people and staff truly cared about me and my sobriety.”

- Bobbi D.

“I have been through two treatment programs. Out of the two, I would very highly recommend this type of treatment because of the whole body experience.”

- Ginger R.

“It is an amazing place that is very comfortable and relaxing. All the staff is very helpful and I thank everyone for helping me through such a hard time.”

- Amanda R.

Leaving Drug and Alcohol Addiction for Good - Joe Eisele, InnerBalance Health Center Loveland, CO

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Discover the Missing Link in treating addiction. Learn about our holistic approach that truly incorporates mind, body, environment and spirit. Restoring biochemical imbalances as well as addressing nutrition, lifestyle and emotional support help our patients achieve lifelong sobriety as well as live happier and healthier lives. Addressing the root causes of addiction will help eliminate cravings that lead to addiction.

A Success Story on How We Treat Alcohol Addiction at InnerBalance:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the best addiction treatment center offer Biochemical Repair & Restoration and how do they define Biochemical Restoration?

At InnerBalance Health Center, we strive to get the best addiction treatment to gain a better understanding of the psychological effects of addiction to drugs and/or alcohol.. As a component of our holistic addiction treatment process, we understand that there are certain biochemical imbalances that can make a person more prone to the addictive cycle.

By restoring chemical balance, a person is much more capable of overcoming their addiction. InnerBalance Health Center offers and is one of the foremost leaders in treating addictions using biochemical repair & restoration. We believe that biochemical imbalances can be pre-existing, or can come as a result of repeated drug and alcohol use over time. Learn more specifics about our holistic treatment here.

Is the staff available 24/7?

Yes, at InnerBalance Health Center clients have access to a staff member 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Does the treatment center prescribe addictive medications such as benzodiazepines or opiates?

No, InnerBalance does not prescribe those types of medications, unless needed for temporary stabilization for withdrawal symptoms. We focus on identifying the root causes of cravings, repairing your body’s biochemical imbalances and teaching you the lifelong skills necessary to stay sober.

How does the treatment center plan to eliminate depression, anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, and racing mind?

At InnerBalance we realize the need to find the root cause of these issues. For example, a racing mind can come from too much histamine in the brain, a condition caused Histadelia. When we find this condition through lab testing, we use the safe amino acids and vitamins that will lower histamine levels. Depression can come from under-functioning neurotransmitters, like serotonin.

Through urine testing, we check the serotonin receptors by looking at the Tryptophan levels, and then treat with the appropriate amino acids. Please call us for a more thorough description on how we can deal with underlying symptoms. These examples just scratch the surface of our biochemical restoration approach which is integral to our holistic treatment philosophy.

Is the treatment center licensed by the state?

Yes, the InnerBalance Health Center is fully and duly licensed by the State of Colorado.

Does the treatment program offer an exercise program that the client participates in?

The InnerBalance Treatment Program includes a mandatory weekly gym time. We encourage our clients to try the different gym facilities, including weights, pool activities, classes, etc. InnerBalance provides a high quality full service gym facility to their patients.

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