Finding Meetings At Home & Beyond

After leaving treatment, building a community of support is a key to lasting sobriety. Finding meetings, and finding the right meetings for you, provide a strong foundation.

Your treatment center will assist by connecting you to resources where you live. After finding days and times that work for you try out some meetings each week. Ideally, try to attend a meeting at least three to five times before deciding if it works for you. The dynamics of a meeting can change week to week and evolve and change over months.
In addition to your treatment center you can use web sites and apps to find what you are looking for. When traveling or relocating, make finding meetings part of your plan.
Visit AA’s web site to find links to local resources in all 50 states and beyond. While the AA site itself does not have a meeting finder you can use the individual state links to find meetings.
Put your smartphone to work with apps that help with the search. Meeting Guide (iOS & Android)
Pink Cloud: AA Meeting Finder (iOS) are two free options. The app 12 Steps AA Companion charges a small fee iOS ($3) or android ($2) for their service, which include a meeting finder, Big Book material, and sobriety calculator.