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Because our Clients are our primary source of referrals and we have over an 86% customer satisfaction rate from our patients, we are confident about our program and what it can do for you or your loved one.  So confident in fact, that we guarantee success for those that follow our program completely.  If you only had to pay for treatment one time, what would that be worth in your life?  Less stress, less worry, less arguments, less feelings of failure?  We GUARANTEE your success if you follow the program.

Our 100% guarantee is simple. If you follow our staff recommendations and you experience a relapse within 6 months of completing the program, you can come back to InnerBalance Health Center at no charge. We believe so strongly in our program and have seen such amazing results that we can offer this strong guarantee. We so strongly believe in our holistic treatment program that we have an extraordinarily high rate of successful sobriety and we know we can help you too. We will happily talk to you about how the addiction treatment program can help you and also and answer your questions regarding financing and insurance.  We understand the pain, and the desire to lead a healthy life once again. Take that first step and contact us today at 1-800-900-2252.

As with any guarantee, the client must make an effort to follow the guidelines provided during treatment.

  • Clients must maintain a minimum of 3 weeks of continuous sobriety from ALL addictive substances
    (unless agreed upon by the clinical staff).
  • Clients must follow all recommendations from counselors.
  • Transitioning back to everyday life is critical so all clients must set up weekly meetings for 3 weeks with their Life Coach.
  • During the 6 month Guarantee period, Clients must make all scheduled Life Coaching appointments. In the event an appointment is missed, the client must reschedule the missed appointment with the Life Coach.
  • If a relapse occurs, the Client MUST contact the Life Coach within 7 days of the relapse.
  • If a client is found to meet our relapse guarantee, the client may return for 2 weeks at no charge (does not include detox). If additional days are needed, those days need to be paid for by the client.

We want you to be successful in your recovery and will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve lifelong sobriety along with support after leaving our program. Freeing yourself from addiction is not easy or it wouldn’t be an addiction. Every element of our treatment program has been refined over the past 20 years. Our holistic approach to treating addiction will equip you to reduce cravings that lead to addiction in the first place.

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