Addiction: Hidden risk in lock down

Addiction: Hidden Risk in Lock Down

Lock Down, Stress Eating and Addictions

With COVID and the global pandemic, stress levels have risen dramatically as well as a surge in addiction and mental struggles. 

At InnerBalance, we have long recognized that addiction is caused by a variety of factors including genetic, lifestyle, environment, spiritual and nutrition.  As we have been coping with the stress and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the resulting isolation, many of us have taken to increased stress eating or comfort foods. The foods people tend to crave in these situations are very often processed or fried foods, laden with sugar, salt, saturated fats, and refined carbohydrates. These types of food provide a temporary “high.” They also destabilize blood sugar, increase inflammation, and deplete the brain of essential neurotransmitters, creating biochemical deficits. These deficits lead to anxiety, depression, and sleep problems, all of which have been linked to an increased risk of drug use.
Join MISSION: EVOLUTION Radio Show’s host, Gwilda Wiyaka as she interviews Joseph Eisele. Joseph is the author of “LEAVING DRUG AND ALCOHOL ADDICTIONS FOR GOOD” and the co-founder and clinical director of InnerBalance Health Center.


Joe Eisele, CACIII, NCAC
Joe is the Clinical Director at InnerBalance Health Center and has been helping achieve lifelong sobriety incorporating biochemical restoration and holistic addiction treatment for over 30 years.