Our Medical Approach to Beating Addiction

Unlike most addiction treatment methods that focus heavily on counseling support, at InnerBalance Health Center we take a holistic approach focused on mind, body, spirit and environment. Each element is critical in healing the whole person.

Lately, “holistic” treatment has become quite a trend. Treatment centers may add a yoga session or acupuncture and claim to be holistic. At InnerBalance Health Center, we have heavily focused on restoring a patients biochemical imbalances since our founding. We have medical staff that understand genetics role with addiction, hormonal levels and nutritional impact.

Clients in our program go through a variety of medical lab tests to determine their specific deficiencies and are prescribed a unique medical treatment plan to get them back on track. While just restoring biochemical imbalances won’t magically “cure” addiction, it goes a long way to eliminating the cravings that cause addiction.

For more details, be sure to read out blog post about “Treating Addiction by Healing the Brain” written by our founder Joe Eisele.


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What is it:

Biochemical restoration is the process of testing and treating patients for underlying medical conditions that lead to conditions like anxiety, depression, sleep issues, and ADHD symptoms. Patients often began using alcohol and/or drugs to self medicate for these conditions. InnerBalance Health Center screens for these common imbalances: hormonal, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, amino acids, toxicities and nutrient deficiencies.

Whenever possible, we treat these conditions with nutrients and a healthy diet to balance the body’s deficiencies. This provides physical relief for many of the symptoms that perpetuate the cravings that lead to continued use of addictive substances. This treatment also helps reduce the pain of detoxification in most instances.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

By discovering the physiological imbalances in the body, we use vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hormone support, and other powerful but safe nutrients to stabilize the body and mind. This, in conjunction with a healthy diet, allows the body’s deficiencies to be regulated, and the patients are provided physical relief for the many symptoms of addiction and underlying conditions. Many patients are able to abstain from drugs and alcohol once their body is in harmony because the feelings, cravings, and imbalances they were experiencing have been addressed.

For example, one of the most common conditions our patients suffer from is hypoglycemia. When glucose, the brain’s energy sources, drops to low levels, the brain sends out messages demanding the body do whatever it takes to restore blood glucose to an adequate level. The person experiences this as an energy crash and sugar craving. The key word there is craving.

People recovering from an addiction have been conditioned to reach for their substance of choice whenever they experience a craving. Even though hypoglycemia may not be corrected by satisfying the craving through the continued use of alcohol or drugs, the patient’s brain knows that using the substance will satisfy their immediate craving or at least make them forget about it for awhile. If a patient’s hypoglycemia is not treated, preferably through a better diet, then they will continue to experience these cravings and most likely return to substance abuse.

What it means to treatment success:

When the body functions at optimal capacity, it enables the patient to have the strength and energy to focus on conquering the addiction. By treating a combination of medical ailments and psychological influences,  a higher success rate of maintaining sobriety, and long-term recovery become available.

What is it:

InnerBalance Health Center has found that 98% of our incoming alcohol patients and 55% of our incoming drug patients are suffering from hypoglycemia which creates low blood sugar. Sounds simple to fix, right? Eat a candy bar, increase your blood sugar.  That is precisely what continues to trigger the addiction.  The brain only knows how to survive.  If blood sugar is not balanced, the brain will start to panic because it believes it is dying. It will do whatever it takes to stimulate blood sugar levels (cravings) in order to survive.  Typically the cravings are met by eating sugar, drug or alcohol use also provide that same sugar “rush” to the brain.  By stabilizing sugar levels, we are able to alleviate that panic and eliminate cravings.

Which is why, immediately when entering into the InnerBalance program we start our patients on a hypoglycemic diet which eliminates all processed sugars found in candy, cookies, desserts and also in things like corn, potatoes, white rice and and flour.  We feed them fresh, home-cooked meals packed with protein and fresh veggies and fruit to balance those levels.  Within 2 weeks most patients have eliminated cravings and are already starting to feel better because their blood sugar has been balanced.  Good nutrition in combination with supportive supplements balance specific body chemistry, creating ease and well being.  This is just the beginning of the good things that happen when the body is nourished with good food and nutrition.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

The InnerBalance approach is focused on healing the whole patient.  We want people to succeed in our program, but more importantly beyond. So while being fed nutritious food, we are also providing education as to why nutrition leads to feeling better. We offer tips on how to stay on track once the program is completed.  We help identify healthy choices and offer nutritional assistance. We talk to you about the different supportive nutrients that are part of your individualized treatment plan and why they were chosen. We educate clients so that the results felt during the treatment stay with the client for the rest of their life.

What it means to treatment success:

Our treatment success is unprecedented because we treat the whole patient.  Nutrition is a vital component of that success because once it is understood how to nourish the body, cravings will disappear and the temptation by drugs and alcohol will be lessened.  Blood sugar and body chemistry will be regulated, helping to avoid brain panic that comes from low blood sugar.

What is it:

At InnerBalance Health Center we run extensive lab work on our new patients in order to determine if they have medical imbalances that we need to treat along with talk therapy and counseling to address mental and emotional struggles.  We complete lab testing to identify histamine levels, hormone levels, blood sugar levels, vitamin levels, and even genetic testing.  Each test takes us one step closer to creating a treatment plan specifically for the patient and their symptoms and struggles. Testing includes blood work, urine analysis and saliva testing.  The comprehensive testing is a true differentiator for InnerBalance and helps us heal the whole patient.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Many medical doctors only address the symptoms that come with addiction, things like anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Typically medication is prescribed and this only exacerbates the addiction problem and doesn’t treat the underlying cause.  InnerBalance Health Center however, knows the root of the problem lies in specific chemical makeup.  By testing different pieces of body chemistry through labs, we are able to identify specific imbalances in the system.  Once we know the imbalances we create a specialized treatment plan so healing can begin and will last long term.

What it means to treatment success:

The lab work that InnerBalance Health Center performs with help of their medical staff is a true distinction of our program.  We are one of the only addiction treatment centers in the nation that offers a comprehensive medical workup that identifies where the body is right now as the patient struggles with this disease.  We give people a leg up on success and a fighting chance because we illustrate that this isn’t just about willpower. There are genetics, hormones, blood sugar level imbalances, nutrient deficiencies and many other factors at work. If we can solve that piece of the puzzle, it creates an environment where sobriety and life-long recovery are possible.

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What is it:

Talk therapy, as you know, helps identify the patient’s thought processes by providing an understanding of their drug or alcohol abuse. Implementing a new belief system provides the patient with the tools they need to abstain from substance abuse.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Talk therapy is most effective as a part of a holistic program that integrates all aspects of a patient’s story. This process leaves them feeling empowered and with a tangible way to aid in their healing. A new belief system helps the patient  develop coping skills needed to abstain from drug and alcohol abuse. Recognizing and understanding negative thought patterns, assists in making necessary adjustments to continue their recovery. The choice to change their thoughts is one way to take back control of their life.  As part of our program, InnerBalance Health Center makes one on one therapy and counseling sessions a priority so that patients feel secure and safe in telling their story without pressure or judgement.  It also enables them to connect and create trust with someone so that their story can be told to a neutral listening ear so they can succeed and move past those feelings that are holding them back.

What it means to treatment success:

At InnerBalance Health Center we want our clients to succeed.  When an addicted person is able to explore and understand the thought process that led them to their disease of addiction and then they are empowered with a new belief system, they are able to make positive choices that support their long term recovery.

What is it:

Counseling is the process that reconnects your loved one with themselves and those that love and care for them. Addiction often severs important relationships and counseling provides the path to repair and heal those relationships hurt by this disease.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

InnerBalance Health Center’s supportive counselors teach your loved one to manage stress without drugs and alcohol. In addition, they learn how to:

  • rebuild their sense of self-worth
  • maintain positive problem solving and decision making skills
  • restore relationships with loved ones and
  • transition into a sober lifestyle.

Our knowledgeable team helps restore relationships with loved ones as well as providing the necessary tools needed to transition to a sober life.  Tools such as how to quiet the mind, how to reconnect to nature, to people and all living things and how to forgive themselves along the way.

What it means to treatment success:

Counseling is part of the holistic approach we invest in at InnerBalance Health Center.  Each piece of the program is integral.  We employ multiple counselors and life coaches to help along the journey and patients are able to work with them on a one on one basis so they can get to know the patient, their struggles and goals.  This treatment helps gain an understanding of the body and thought dynamic and teaches the skills of empowerment so that lifelong recovery can be reached.

What is it:

The family program helps to reestablish important relationships in the patient’s life. By providing a workshop option like the family program InnerBalance Health Center helps the client and their loved ones develop skills to understand addiction, codependency, boundaries, and empowers practical solutions for real-world situations.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Instead of facing addiction alone, the family program helps to bridge the gap that addiction has caused between the patient and loved ones. It also educates family members and loved ones that this disease does not just affect the person with the addiction.  At InnerBalance Health Center we provide information, guidance, and support to equip everyone with the tools necessary to support  the family unit, through lifelong recovery.  The Family Program offers a loving, educational, and supportive environment for true family healing to begin and the tools to flourish.

What it means to treatment success:

The InnerBalance Family Program define and understand addiction as a disease that affects all relationships in the patient’s life. It is designed to let them know they are not alone. The support offered through the Family Program equips everyone with the knowledge and tools to repair damaged relationships.  It also provides coping skills to make recovery a continued success. We help develop a recovery plan that fits the client’s lifestyle while learning life enhancing behaviors enabling the family to better support and understand each other on  the journey of recovery.

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InnerBalance Health Center’s co-founder, Joe Eisele, is a national and state certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, Level III. Since 1983, Mr. Eisele has applied the specialized training of Johnson and Fajardo intervention techniques.  At InnerBalance Health Center, we have achieved a 95% success rate in helping individuals enter treatment.

Billy Bender, one of our experienced Intervention Specialists, is available to help you and your family start the process of recovery.

If you suspect alcohol or drug abuse but don’t know what to do about it, contact InnerBalance Health Center at 1-800-900-2252 and we can help you make the first step towards a New Life that is easier and better.

Read more about intervention and the disease of addiction here.

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