Opiate (Opioid) Addiction Treatment at Inner Balance Treatment Center

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How we treat opiate (Opioid) addiction at InnerBalance:

Priority number one is to partner with you to identify the root elements of the opiate (opioid) dependence and abuse.  These causes are grounded in multiple areas including the physical, the mental, the emotional, the spiritual and the environmental areas of the patient.

Through our individualized treatment plans we are able to assess the specific needs of each patient and treat them accordingly.  The following is a general synopsis of how the program works.

Initially we begin the process with extensive laboratory testing to identify biochemical imbalances including genetics, histamine levels and nutritional deficiencies.  These factors can lead to many symptoms addiction patients deal with including cravings, depression, fatigue and anxiety.  Once identified we create a customized treatment plan for our patients to repair and balance their biochemical levels.

Next we assist patients through the withdrawal process.  Because Opiate (Opioid) addiction withdrawal is severe, we work closely with medical professionals to ensure that the detoxification system is safe for the patient.  The body is detoxified while simultaneously adding in nutrition and supplements.  Our patients work with closely with on staff medical professionals, therapists and counselors to help make the transition as easy as possible.

From the comprehensive information gathered from the lab results and assessments, the InnerBalance team develops an individualized treatment plan.  The implementation of this plan begins immediately for our residential patients and includes:

  • Luxury accommodations
  • Natural, Organic Meals & Snacks
  • Health Club Membership
  • 80 Group Sessions
  • 24 Private Counseling Sessions
  • Biochemical Restoration
  • Holistic Treatment Plan
  • Physician Visits & Medical Labs
  • Nutritional Supplements


Results we have seen with opiate (Opioid) addiction with treatment at InnerBalance are:

There are many great treatment centers available as well as support groups. What led you to InnerBalance is you are looking for alternatives. An approach that not only works but that takes a “whole” healing method of treatment. When reviewing rehabilitation programs we encourage you to evaluate the entirety of services offered.

Our residential accommodations costs are comparable to industry rates, however, you will find that InnerBalance offers a complete program that includes extensive medical lab testing, nutritional chef prepared meals, high quality supplements, a health club membership, and more.

We don’t believe in charging additional costs, we discuss all costs and all fees with patients prior to enrollment in the program.We have even created a resource for you that will guide you on your search for the right treatment center for your loved one.  You can download our  Must Ask Questions When Choosing a Treatment Center Guide here.

Our Clients rave about our program and are a primary source of referrals.  We are so confident in our program that we guarantee success for those that follow our program completely.  Our 100% guarantee is simple. If you follow our staff recommendations and you experience a relapse within a year of completing the program, you are welcome to come back at no charge. No other treatment center can offer such a strong guarantee. We are able to provide a 100% guarantee because of our high successful sobriety rate due to the InnerBalance holistic treatment approach.  We have over an 85% customers satisfaction rate and a long term sobriety rate that is 3 times higher than average.


To learn more or get your questions answered, call now 800-900-2252.

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