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It takes a world-class staff to support a program as comprehensive as the one found at InnerBalance Health Center. Few treatment centers include the expertise of medical doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and mental health counselors in addition to a clinical director with 24 years of experience. Some of our counselors and therapists are in recovery themselves. They know the cycle, the symptoms, and the disguises of addiction. Collaboration among specialists allows us to offer clients an integrative approach of body, mind and spirit that is essential to regaining total health after an addiction. Our team's combined expertise in medicine, nutrition, fitness, and therapy means that our clients are given the best chance at success in every aspect of recovery.
Joe Eisele

Joe Eisele, CACIII, NCAC

Clinical Director
Joe Eisele is a nationally certified alcohol and drug therapist with specialized training in intervention techniques from the Johnson Institute. Joe has been treating addictions in the Fort Collins area for over 30 years. “I came to believe Joe Eisele is perhaps the best in the business. I have met some of the best counselors and doctors at world-famous rehabs and never found anyone with [Joe’s] overall grasp on both addiction and all that accompanies it.”

Ron Graham

Ron Graham, MS

Business Director
Ron Graham, Master of Science from Regis University, has over ten years of experience as a counselor. He has studied under Dr. Depak Chopra, and is a certified instructor from the Chopra Center for Well Being. For the last 20 years, Ron has been on his own healing path from drugs and alcohol, and has followed a natural, holistic path.

Roger Billica, MD - Physician

Roger Billica, MD

Roger Billica, MD graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine and fulfilled his internship and residency at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. His training in aerospace medicine and as a flight surgeon led to ten years as NASA’s Chief of Medical Operations. Upon moving to Fort Collins, Dr. Billica became President of Tri-Life Health, a functional, preventive, and nutritional medicine clinic. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice, and has written many articles for medical journals.

Bill Billica

Bill Billica, MD

Bill Billica, MD was board certified in family medicine in 1988, after graduating from the University of North Carolina Medical School and finishing residency training in Arizona. He was granted a Faculty Fellowship position at Duke University before returning to Arizona to become Assistant Director and Department Chairman at the Good Samaritan Family Practice Residency Program. He is a member of the American Academy of Family Practice, as well as a patient educator, lecturer, researcher and published writer. He has practiced Functional Medicine since 2005.

Allen Brandon, Ph.D - Psychologist

Allen Brandon, Ph.D

Allen D. Brandon, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who developed his interests in nature and human behavior while growing up in Colorado. He has previously served as the Founder and Clinical Director of the Rocky Mountain Neuropsychological Sciences, P.C., and was past Director of Psychology Services at Mountain Crest Hospital in Fort Collins, CO. Dr. Brandon received his professional training at Harvard Medical School’s Massachusetts General Hospital, the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, as well as Colorado State University. He enjoys teaching and guiding others on their psycho-spiritual journey.

Keri Hannaford - Program Manager

Keri Hannaford

Program Manager
Keri Hannaford has over 20 years of experience in the health care industry. Her training and education has focused on office administration and management. Keri has a diverse background in human resources, program development and processes, and organizational management. Her strength is working with individuals one-on-one, but she really excels as a leader in team development, when working on new projects. She relocated to Colorado in 2009 and is happy to call Colorado her home. She is happily married with two wonderful children and always makes her family a priority.

Lynn Smith MS, RD - Nutritionist and Recovery Coach

Lynn Smith MS, RD

Nutritionist and Recovery Coach
Lynn Smith MS, RD is a registered dietitian and recovery life coach at InnerBalance Health Center in Loveland, CO. For the past twelve years she has used diet, nutrients, and a functional medicine approach to aid clients in successful recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. She advises clients on nutrient therapy and holistic lifestyle programs to help repair the biochemical damages caused by addiction and that contribute to symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia. At her private practice in Lafayette, Colorado Lynn coaches clients who desire balance and well-being, and supports runners and endurance athletes with sports nutrition. Lynn has a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri-Rolla.

Tresa Bomgaars, BA, CAC II - Primary Counselor

Tresa Bomgaars, BA, CAC II

Primary Counselor
Tresa has been working in the addictions field since 1994, serving individuals, groups, and families in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has worked with both adolescent and adult clients to overcome addiction. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, and is a Certified Addictions Counselor II. Tresa specializes in relapse prevention, dialectical behavior therapy, and mindfulness practice. She has long embraced the mind, body and spirit connection as integral to recovery. In recent years, she has deepened her counseling approach through her study of energy psychology. She has been in recovery herself for over twenty years, and is thrilled to be on InnerBalance’s team. Tresa is passionate about her work, and considers helping others on their own healing journey to be one of the greatest honors and joys of her life.

Lauren Eisele - COA

Lauren Eisele

Lauren Eisele is a graduate from Naropa University with a degree in Psychology. Lauren completed a four-year clinical apprenticeship with the Alandi Ashram with over 3,000 hours of post graduate advanced level in Ayurvedic Medicine. Lauren’s interest in healing continued, including a degree in Yoga Teacher Training from Naropa University and certifications in Core Synchronism (a form of Cranial Sacral therapy). Her work at InnerBalance Health Center consists of Biochemical Restoration, which uses nutraceuticals i.e. vitamins, minerals, amino acids, essential fatty acids that helps to reduce or eliminate symptoms like depression, anxiety, sleep problems, mood swings, and racing mind that continues to perpetuate cravings. In addition she also offers ayurvedic treatments to help support relaxation, stress and anxiety.

Kimberly Rogers - Life Coach

Kimberly Rogers, MA, NCC, LPCC, CACI

Life Coach / Counselor
Kimberly Rogers comes to us from a Broadcasting sales, management and ownership background before she entered the field of counseling. After struggling with her own chemical dependency, she wanted to help others struggling with behavioral and chemical addictions. She has completed her CAC I and II classes and hours since 2012, and began her masters in counseling at Regis University in August of 2013. Kimberly began with InnerBalance for her practicum and two semesters of internship in May of 2015 and when she graduated with honors in April of 2016 she stayed on with us.

Dianne M. Novey - Cattail Creek House Manager, CAC II, MAA, Chef

Dianne M. Novey, CAC II, MAA

Cattail Creek House Manager & Chef
I was privileged to have the honor of opening up the Cattail Creek residence for InnerBalance Health Center in 2007 along with an exceptional team that works together to provide a caring, nurturing and nutritious environment in which to renew, replenish and grow.
My years in the restaurant/retail business along with professional instruction from Johnson & Wales University, Early Childhood Education as well as certification in Medical Administration and addiction counseling receiving certification as a CAC II has guided and helped me to create an atmosphere of recovery.
Dianne can be found at swimming events and gym workouts with her two daughters and husband of 28 years. Dianne feels that her varied background is the perfect recipe for a house of recovery.

Megan Jolly - Office Assistant

Megan Jolly

Office Assistant
Megan has a passion for recovery. As a graduate of the InnerBalance program in 2013, this program has changed her life in so many ways and has truly been a miracle for her. She knew from that moment she wanted to be a part of these clients’ journeys and help them in any way she could. Megan wants to further her career in the drug and alcohol industry and the sky’s the limit to where it will take her.

Patricia Smith, MS, MAC, NCACII - Addictions Counselor, Family Program Coordinator

Patricia Smith, MS, MAC, NCACII

Addictions Counselor, Family Program Coordinator
Patricia has devoted the past 30+ years to supporting and assisting individuals and families suffering with addiction. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in education, a Master’s degree in rehab counseling, as well as certification as a National Certified Addiction Counselor, Level II (NCACII), and a certification as a Master Addiction Counselor (MAC). She has extensive experience in a variety of clinical settings including individual, group, and family therapy in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has a special interest and passion for program development and has assisted treatment programs in developing and enriching their curriculum. At InnerBalance Health Center, she has designed, developed, implemented and facilitated an educational program for family/friends of InnerBalance clients. She believes strongly in family recovery and very much enjoys assisting clients and families as they move into a satisfying and enduring recovery process.

Sampson Ndikum – LPN/IV

Sampson Ndikum

Sampson has been a nurse for over thirteen years. Three of those years, he spent working with patients with acute psychiatry disorders at North Colorado Medical Center Behavioral Health Unit. Sampson completed his undergraduate in pre-med and biochemistry at the University of Minnesota, and is a recent graduate of University of Sint Eustatius School of Medicine in the Caribbean. Sampson has conducted research in the field of molecular genetics, adult stem cell research, surgical and hematopathology at the University of Minnesota. Most of all, he is blessed to be part of the team at InnerBalance Health Center.

Rochelle Young - Receptionist

Rochelle Young

Office Manager
Rochelle graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Colorado State University, and has grown a passion for working in the field of addiction and recovery. She thrives to become a counselor in the future, and continue to help those who are in need of living a sober lifestyle. Working at InnerBalance Health Center has shown her the beauty that comes with living a drug and alcohol free life, and she is grateful for being a part of every journey that begins here.


Our dedicated team has decades of experience treating drug & alcohol addiction as well as deep personal experience.


Each of our staff members have extensive expertise in treating drug and alcohol addiction using holistic methods.


Our staff understands the struggles of battling addiction. Our compassion is rooted in empathy and understanding.


Our support begins before you begin treatment and continues well after treatment.
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