Our Holistic Approach to Beating Addiction

Holistic treatment means healing the “whole” person by repairing the damage done by addiction to the mind, body, spirit, emotions, and environment. All of these life elements need to be brought back into balance to achieve total recovery and success  Hence the name InnerBalance Recovery.

We have had great success when creating a customized plan to address all these elements to the specific patient needs. Restoring a person’s biochemical imbalances helps eliminate cravings that lead to addiction. We don’t just treat the symptoms and teach you to cope, we strive to eliminate the source of cravings and prepare you with lifelong tools necessary to stay sober.  Unfortunately, many treatment programs choose to focus on just one of these four crucial elements.  This often alleviates the goals of achieving lifelong sobriety.

Understanding the interaction between mind, body, spirit and environment is the key to our incredible 86% client satisfaction rating.

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What is it:

Biochemical Restoration is the process of restoring balance to your body’s chemistry so that you can fully heal your brain, body, emotions and spirit.  You may feel overwhelmed by symptoms of racing thoughts, depression, anxiety, insomnia or may have even been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder.  Deficiencies in hormones, vitamins and minerals, chemical imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies contribute to your body feeling out of sorts. In addition, even your genes may be plotting against you, making it difficult to recover.

This is often why it is easy to try program after program without success, leaving you frustrated and riddled with guilt. All of these areas require education and medical treatment and InnerBalance is one of the only national addiction treatment programs that treats all of your symptoms through Biochemical Restoration.

We run extensive lab testing in order to evaluate your specific body chemistry and identify areas that are not functioning properly.  We are then able to treat the imbalances in your body. This is one part of whole healing that helps to nourish your mind, body, spirit, and environment throughout treatment.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

We customize our treatment program to you the patient, because every person is different.  We are each born with different genetic makeups and a one size fits all plan cannot work to treat an individual diagnosis.  Until we evaluate your individual lab results to see what deficiencies are preventing your body from functioning properly, there is no way to develop a treatment plan that will treat the medical symptoms of your addiction.

We create a plan specific to you so that you can achieve maximum success and then we help you understand your medical complications and how they relate to your addiction.  Once you see how everything is related, it is easy to see why recovery has been difficult and that sobriety really isn’t as simple abstaining from drugs and alcohol alone.  By nourishing your body and fueling it in the areas it is lacking, you can fully recover.

What it means to treatment success:

When your body functions at optimal capacity, it enables you to have the strength and energy to focus on conquering your addiction. By treating a combination of your medical ailments and psychological influences, you will have a higher success rate of maintaining sobriety, which leads to long-term recovery.

What is it:

InnerBalance Health Center has found that 98% of our incoming alcohol patients and 55% of our incoming drug patients patients are suffering from hypoglycemia which creates low blood sugar. Sounds simple to fix, right? Eat a candy bar, increase your blood sugar.  That is precisely what continues to trigger the addiction.  Your brain only knows how to survive.  If your blood sugar is not balanced, your brain will start to panic because it believes it is dying. It will do whatever it takes to stimulate blood sugar levels (cravings) in order to survive.  Typically the cravings are met by eating processed sugar, or drug or alcohol can be used to get that same sugar “rush” to the brain.  By stabilizing sugar levels, we are able to alleviate that panic and stop cravings.

Which is why, immediately when entering into the InnerBalance program we start you on a hypoglycemic diet which eliminates all processed sugars found in things like candy, cookies, desserts but also in things like corn, potatoes, white rice and and flour.  We feed you fresh, home cooked meals packed with protein and fresh veggies and fruit to balance those levels.  We also add in healthy oils to balance cholesterol levels.  Within 2 weeks most patients have eliminated cravings and are already starting to feel better because their blood sugar has been balanced.  Good nutrition in combination with supportive supplements balance your specific body chemistry, creating ease and well being.  This is just the beginning of the good things that happen when you nourish your body with good food and nutrition.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

The InnerBalance approach is to focus on you the patient as a whole.  We want you to succeed in the program, but more importantly beyond. So while we are feeding you nutritious food, we are also educating you as to why it is making you feel better and how to stay on track once you leave the program.  We help you identify healthy choices and offer you recipe assistance.  We talk to you about the different supportive nutrients that are part of your individualized treatment plan, and why they were chosen specifically for you.  We provide the education necessary so that the results you are feeling during treatment stay with you for the rest of your life.

What it means to treatment success:

Our treatment success is unprecedented because we treat the whole patient.  Nutrition is a vital component of that success because once you understand how to nourish your body, your cravings will disappear and you will no longer be tempted by drugs and alcohol.  Your blood sugar and body chemistry will be regulated, helping you avoid that brain panic that comes from low blood sugar, and you will be more focused, alert and full of energy.

What is it:

At InnerBalance Health Center we run extensive lab work on our new patients in order to determine if they have medical imbalances that we need to treat along with talk therapy and counseling to address mental and emotional struggles.  We complete lab testing to identify histamine levels, hormone levels, blood sugar levels, vitamin levels, and even genetic testing.  Each test takes us one step closer to creating a treatment plan specifically for you and your symptoms and struggles.  Testing includes blood work, urine analysis and saliva testing.  The comprehensive testing is a true differentiator for InnerBalance and helps us heal the whole patient.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Many medical doctors only address the symptoms that come with addiction, things like anxiety, depression and insomnia.  Typically medication is prescribed and this only exacerbates the addiction problem and doesn’t treat the underlying cause.  InnerBalance Health Center however, knows the root of the problem lies in your specific chemical makeup.  By testing different pieces of your chemistry through labs, we are able to identify specific imbalances in your system.  Once we know the imbalances we create a specialized treatment plan for you so that healing can begin and will last long term.

What it means to treatment success:

The lab work that InnerBalance Health Center performs with help of their medical staff is a truly unique part of our program.  We are one of the only addiction treatment centers in the nation that offers a comprehensive medical workup that identifies where your body is right now as you struggle with this disease.  We give you a leg up on success and a fighting chance because we show you that this isn’t just about willpower, that there are genetic, hormones, blood sugar level imbalances, Vitamin deficiencies and many other factors at work. If we can solve that piece of the puzzle, it creates an environment where you can remain sober and have life long recovery.

What is it:

Are you tired of telling your story on repeat to yet another person in hopes that something will change? Do you have a story in you that needs to be told? Can your story fix something?

Talk therapy alone isn’t the answer. But, in conjunction with addressing biochemical deficiencies, nourishing your body with healthy foods, and a team of therapists and life coaches to help you finally embrace your story and invoke true change.  It is possible for your story to do more than cause pain.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Talk therapy is most effective as a part of a holistic program that integrates all aspects of your story. This process leaves you feeling empowered and with a tangible way to aid in your healing. Changing your negative thoughts to positive thoughts is one way you can take back control over your life.  InnerBalance Health Center makes one-on-one therapy and counseling sessions a priority so that patients feel secure and safe in telling their story without pressure or judgement.  It also enables them to connect and create trust with someone so that their story can be told to a true listening ear, someone who wants to help them succeed and move past those feelings that are holding them back. The individual counseling sessions set us apart from many industry standard addiction treatment programs.

What it means to treatment success:

At InnerBalance Health Center we want you to succeed.  We help you take the pain out of your experiences by exploring the thought patterns surrounding them.  This is an important part of reframing those patterns to create positive change. We empower you with a new belief system and offer you a different perspective, assisting you in shifting your thought patterns. An integral part of the InnerBalance Program that helps you conquer those negative inner voices.

What is it:

Counseling is the process that helps you to reconnect with yourself, while learning more about the psychological side of addiction. You gain tools to help repair damaged relationships in your life.  Those relationships can be with family, friends, co-workers and anyone else that may have been hurt by this disease.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

InnerBalance Health Center’s supportive counselors help you learn how to manage stress, rebuild your self-worth, and implement problem solving and decision making skills. Our knowledgeable team helps you restore your relationships with people you love, and gives you the tools you need to transition to a sober life. Tools such as how to quiet the mind, how to reconnect to family, friends, nature, animals, and the possibility of a higher power, all while learning how to forgive themselves along the way.

What it means to treatment success:

Counseling is part of the holistic approach we invest in at InnerBalance Health Center.  Each piece of the program is integral.  We employ multiple counselors and life coaches to help you on your journey and you are able to work with them on a one on one basis so they can get to know you, your struggles and your goals.  This treatment helps you to gain an understanding of your body and thoughts and affords you the skills to empower yourself and reach lifelong recovery.

What is it:

The family program helps you to reestablish important relationships in your life. By providing a workshop option like the family program InnerBalance Health Center helps you and your loved ones develop skills to understand addiction, codependency, boundaries, and empowers you with practical solutions for real-world situations.

Why it’s different from traditional treatment:

Instead of facing your addiction alone, the family program helps to bridge the gap that addiction has caused between you and your loved ones. It also educates family members and loved ones that this disease does not just affect the person with the addiction.  At InnerBalance Health Center we provide information, guidance, and support to equip everyone with the tools necessary to support not only you, but the family unit, through lifelong recovery.  The Family Program offers a loving, educational, and supportive environment for true family healing to begin and the tools to flourish.

What it means to treatment success:

The InnerBalance Family Program helps you and your loved ones define and understand addiction as a disease that affects all members of the family. It is designed to let you know you are not alone. The support offered through the Family Program equips everyone with the knowledge and tools to repair damaged relationships.  It also provides coping skills to make recovery a continued success. We teach you to develop a recovery plan that fits your lifestyle while you learn life enhancing behaviors. Enabling you and your family to better support and understand each other on your journey of recovery.

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