First and foremost, we recognize that getting help for drug and alcohol addiction is a highly sensitive matter. We treat all personal information with the utmost of respect and care.

Website : non-personal data
Our website tracks data that is not personally identifiable. Examples of this include visits, site visit duration, and pages visited. We use this session and cookie information to improve our site and overall user experience. Our goal is to create an engaging and relevant experience to site visitors. We never share this data with third parties.

Website : General Contact Form
Our website contains a contact form for visitors to contact us. This form asks for a name, email and message. When a visitor submits the form, the website sends an email to our office manager to respond. We only use this information for communicating back and forth with the visitor. Our website is SSL encrypted to secure data transmission. We never share, sell or rent this contact info to anyone.

Website : Other Forms
Prospective clients as well as registered clients complete a variety of forms including insurance verification, assessment forms and family program forms. These forms contain personally identifiable information as well as sensitive medical information. We utilize a HIPAA compliant form provider called Formsite to capture, encrypt and store this information in a HIPAA compliant manner. Both our site and Formsite utilize SSL encryption. In addition to SSL encryption, we use 2-factor authentication for access controls and no shared usage. The information sent to us is necessary for treatment and is never shared with others without written permission from the client. (i.e. client wishes for us to share their medical records with another doctor or counselor).

We maintain contact with our clients as well as those that sign up for email communication. We use MailChimp as our email service provider and offer a clear and immediate method to opt-out of all email marketing messages. We use email to occasionally notify people about promotions, news, treatment advances, etc. We know the hassle of email clutter and limit email messages to 1-2 per month. Again, a single click unsubscribe link is included in each email sent.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, feel free to contact us at support@innerbalancehealthcenter.com