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Cheryl Branson
After 1.5 failed rehab attempts, I went to Inner Balance. The biggest difference is that the WHOLE PERSON gets treated, and you get treated LIKE AN ADULT. No lockdown – I could actually go for a run or a bike ride (between groups, one-on-one sessions). You learn to LIVE RECOVERY. They teach you why nutrition is important and you practice preparing healthy meals (you and the other residents take turns with breakfast – easy peasy – AND healthy). You look at yourself and develop a plan to move forward – not constantly rehashing the past. Nurturing, but not coddling.

5-Star Rating

Timothy Speer
This is a world class treatment center. I did the inpatient treatment and loved it. There is a lot that they offer that you can not find anywhere else. The Cattail Inn, this is the name of the home that residential patients stay in, is fantastic. Diane truly knows how to make this house feel like a home away from home. Inner Balance saved my life!

5-Star Rating

David Giacomini
I have had numerous people I love affected by addiction throughout my life and am happy to have found InnerBalance Health Center. There just seemed to be something missing from most other treatment programs. I recommended InnerBalance to a family member because of their holistic approach. For instance, they taught him about the importance of nutrition in reducing cravings. It wasn’t just about great food but rather it was an education on the impact things like sugar and fats did to our body chemistry that contributed to an addicts cravings.
As with any treatment program, I think it is important to go in with an open mind and willingness to learn how to recover.