5-Star Review  Patrick

I have been trying extremely hard for 7 years to quit drinking alcohol. I have been to other residential treatment facilities and intensive outpatient programs with limited success. My stay at Inner Balance was and remains a transformative experience in my life. There is literally no other program in the United States that does what they do at Inner Balance. The mind, body and spirit treatment truly exists at Inner Balance. The diet and supplements that heal your body and brain are actually tailored to each individual by using extensive lab work on each client. The spiritual advisor, Steve Aronson, is approachable to people of all faiths and beliefs. Five different counselors are assigned to each client. You will have a primary counselor as well as mental health, addiction, nutrition, and life coach counselors. You will meet each one of your counselors, and Spiritual Steve, once a week. Each client case will be staffed frequently so that your treatment providers are all on the same page. From top to bottom everyone that works at this facility is highly competent and extremely professional. Inner Balance is amazing. If you or your loved one is receptive to treatment, there simple is no better place to get that treatment than Inner Balance.

5-Star Review  Becky W.

Receiving treatment at Inner Balance was a trans formative experience. I experienced healing from all perspectives and was given the tools to create a sober life. They offer my mind body and spirit healing to understand why I was using drinking as a primary coping mechanism. I have been able to use the tools I learned everyday. I have created a journey of inward love for myself. The staff was so inspirational, so relate able, and facilitated my ability to open my eyes to my innate wisdom. My biggest nugget was from the spiritual neurologist “90% of the thoughts we have are the same ones we had yesterday”. The only person I am responsible for is myself, and I am proud to be 5 years sober. Thank you Inner Balance I couldn’t have done it without your help with such eases and grace.

5-Star Review  Michael Switick

If you’re looking into rehab facilities whatsoever, you need look no further.. Unfortunately for myself, relapse had to be a part of my recovery in order for me to finally grasp my full addiction, but thankfully I was blessed enough to go to InnerBalance on both occasions where I needed the help of others to start living my life again. The entire holistic aspect of treatment is an eye-opening & incredible learning experience that I have never seen before, the entire staff is unbelievably kind, caring, & understanding, and I have met people there whom remain life-long friends to this very day. All I ask is that you go in there open, teachable, & malleable, and listen to everything the counselors have to share with you, because if I had only listened to them the first go-around, I would have never had to go back a 2nd time. If you have any questions at all, just call & ask for Rochelle or Keri, as they are 2 amazing human beings that will be there for you every step of the way and help alleviate all of your concerns. I find myself missing this place almost every single day of my new life, and even whilst in the midst of my relapse, so I can attest to how great this treatment center truly is.. And remember, as my good friend once told me, “It’s not about what you want to do, but what you need to do.”

5-Star Review  Stacy Weed

InnerBalance Health is so amazing and has forever changed my life. From the moment I stepped foot into InnerBalance, I knew that my decision for my recovery was put in the best hands with all of the staff. From the one on one sessions, group sessions, food planning, supplements education and medical health concerns; every program was specialized for my needs and what would be best for my long term recovery. I left InnerBalance Health with the upmost confidence and recovery plan in place which has guided my through remaining sober for over 11 months now. I will never be able to thank InnerBalance Health enough for what they provided then and now. I highly recommend this treatment facility to everyone.

5-Star Review  John Stefan

I went through Inner Balance in 2011. I wish I could tell you what a wonderful time I had, but that is not why one goes to a rehab center. I was broken and sick, so very sick. What I can tell you, unequivocally, is that I would not be here now if it were not for Inner Balance. I was shocked at how much I did not know about my disease and what a significant factor diet, sugar, caffeine, nutrition, etc. played in keeping me in the cycle of my addiction. NOBODY else uses their unique approach, and I believe this is why so many rehab centers are not as successful as Inner Balance.
The house, the people, the location, all are unique and support breaking that cycle, helping me understand my disease, and how to live a happy, sober life. Yes, I have a HAPPY and SOBER life now. I really do. I can say that each part of my experience there was much, much better than I thought it would be. The house is amazing, very homey, warm and friendly. The staff awed me with their dedication, caring, and genuine warmth – they ALL genuinely cared about helping me, getting me to a place of peace and happiness I did not think possible. I cannot recommend Inner Balance more highly than I do. They, quite literally, saved my life.

5-Star Review  Helena Elam

Inner Balance was a major game changer for me. They not only helped me comfortably detox off of several prescription medications I had become dependent on but helped me understand and begin to address a number of the underlying issues that were causing my pain. The environment was peaceful and healing and the people were wonderful. I often look back on my time there with awe and gratitude that such a place exists. I would love to see more treatment facilities model the approach that they have at Inner Balance- it truly helped me get my life back!