Sober New Year’s Eve Celebrations

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December 31, 2017

Celebrate Your Way: Sober New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Celebrate Your Way: Sober New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Ring in 2023 & honor your sobriety at the same time. Whether you decide to celebrate at home or on the road, you can find or create a great sober celebration. Some cities and communities offer celebrations full of fun, but minus the alcohol. If you can’t find one of those, here are some ideas to celebrate your way.


Dessert Potluck–Ask friends or family to bring their favorite sweet treat for an evening of delicious treats.

Friends & Fireworks–Weather (& local laws) permitting, gather around the glow of bright colors bursting in the sky overhead.

Game NightCard games, board games, sports games…whatever you like best. Bring in the new year with a little friendly competition.

Tapas & Mocktails–Try some new smoothie, coffee or juice concoctions to go along with your favorite snacks and appetizers.


Night at the Movies–Popcorn, previews & a great flick.

Hit the Courts–Find a park or facility with evening hours for a basketball game or tennis match, exercise your way out of 2017.

Dinner Out–A favorite restaurant or one you’ve always wanted to try is a great place to celebrate.

Hotel Reservations–Spend the evening with your special someone at local or destination hotel or resort.

The ‘more the merrier’ might be your motto or you may feel more comfortable flying solo or with a small, select group. Choosing to enjoy the holiday with friends & family who don’t drink, or will abstain, ensures a solid, safe environment. Decide what works for you, many of these ideas can work for small, large or just-for-one celebrations.



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