Joe Eisele’s

Success Story

Joe Eisele’s journey started with his own addiction story. Throughout most of his teenage and adult years he struggled with drug and alcohol dependence. He personally knows the ups and downs experienced by addicts – in and out of rehab, losing jobs and relationships, and finally hitting rock bottom. It wasn’t until Joe learned about the role that his biochemical functions had to play in his addiction that he was finally able to heal his body and and move into true recovery. He then was able to pursue his passion in helping others do the same thing. Read Joe’s Success Story below.

The Need for Biochemical Repair in Sobriety

“I would like to share some of my history to help you better understand my passion for treating alcoholics and drug addicts with biochemical repair.

When I was 14 years old I started into what would become a 20-year devastating addiction to drugs and alcohol. These chemicals negatively affected every area of my life, making it very difficult to finish high school and stopped my college education in the second year.

The chemicals were becoming the most important thing in my life and eventually would destroy every important relationship including family and friends. I lost every job I ever had, and over the next 15 years I was in and out of mental hospitals, jails, and sanatoriums.

39 years ago I found myself in Colorado where I entered a 30-day inpatient program. I worked hard in this program but six months out of treatment found myself relapsed back into alcoholism, and for the next three and a half years the dread and terror of this illness returned.

I felt like an absolute failure in life going in and out of 12-step meetings but not being able to stay sober for more than a few weeks at a time. The fellowship was very supportive, but the depression, anxiety and sleepless nights would drive me back to the bottle.

I again entered treatment for 30 days thinking this time would be different but after only a few short weeks again living a nightmare of drunkenness.

Then came the bottom and an awakening to the fact that I was either going to get and stay sober or never find the answer to my depression, anxiety and sleepless nights. I got a sponsor committed to two 12-step meetings per day for the next year and this started my sobriety.

After six months of sobriety I started looking for answers to why I still did not feel normal.  The first book I read was Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness by Dr. Broda Barnes. This book was about thyroid gland disturbance, and the symptoms fit me perfectly. I found a doctor to test my thyroid and found that it was not working normally.  Fixing this helped lift some of the depression and sleep problems, but I also wondered what more might be out of balance.

This started my journey into biochemical repair, and over the next several years I sought help from doctors that helped me repair my adrenal glands, correct my hypoglycemia by changing my diet to eliminate sugar, caffeine, junk food and incorporate more vitamins, amino acids, and fish oil. I also started to exercise, even eventually running a marathon.

The job I have been doing for the last 34 years is working in the field of chemical dependence, and helping others come out of that dark desperate life into the freedom of sobriety.

For the past 18 years I have been using this biochemical approach to help people become more successful by eliminating depression, anxiety, fatigue, sleep problems and other symptoms that often remain if biochemical repair is not implemented.

Because of the tremendous support of 12-step meetings, and the personal investigation of biochemical repair to the body, today I have been sober for over 35 years, have a wonderful wife, three beautiful grown kids, great friends and a job I love doing.”

Ron Graham’s

Success Story

Ron Graham is the Business Director at InnerBalance Health Center.  He too can relate to the story of addiction as he struggled for many years.  Battling near death experiences and thoughts of suicide and depression, he had tried every program under the sun.  Nothing seemed to work.  He was introduced to the biochemical approach and has maintained his sobriety for over 17 years. Read Ron’s Success Story below.

“Over the years I have heard many horrific and devastating stories of personal destruction. The one story which made a lasting impression on me was about a young man who started drinking and smoking cigarettes at the age of twelve.

By the time he was fourteen he added pot to the list.  By sixteen, he had tried most drugs and was drinking and smoking pot daily, having fun partying.  The teen lead a secret life supported by lying, hiding, and pretending he didn’t have a problem. He also started isolating himself from his family and friends.

At eighteen he was driving home after a long night of partying. Not surprisingly, he blacked out behind the wheel of his car going over 75 mph. The young man veered off the road rolling his vehicle 4 ½ times, until he laid pinned under the wreckage.

The first person on the scene was a nurse, who was able to work her way down the steep incline to the mangled car. When she saw the driver, she quickly reached into the overturned car and checked his pulse only to find none. She began the climb back up to the road to go for help.

When the nurse got back to the road, a highway patrol officer pulled up. She reported the driver dead. The officer asked if anyone else was in the vehicle and the nurse wasn’t sure.

The officer then slid down the steep roadside passing debris from the wreckage and looking for others that might have been thrown from the rolling car. Seeing the car, the officer knew no one could have survived the wreck. He flashed his light inside and was startled to see the driver emerge from the passenger window, cut, bleeding and confused…but alive.

This story had a lasting impression on me because it is my story.

You would think this would have cured me from ever drinking and doing drugs again. Wrong. I continued to use and even increased my consumption.

In my twenties I started using cocaine heavily. I stayed stuck for over 25 years, lost, empty and out of control. Amazingly after having three other accidents, including another roll over, I am still alive.

I knew that any day my luck was going to change, and so I decided to look for help. I tried a traditional approach to overcoming my addictions for three years. I went to group counseling, support meetings, and individual counseling. Consequently, I would be sober for a short period of time, only to fall back into my addiction.

Reaching my forties, I began to think of myself as a weak willed person who was never going to get his life in order. I struggled with depression, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia.

I had one last plan to take care of the problem: I was going to check out of life with an overdose of sleeping pills. I was lucky — I went to a doctor who saw through my story of insomnia. He advised me to stop sitting around talking about my disease but rather to take action and do something about it.

He said, ‘if you had diabetes or cancer we would not try and talk you out of your disease; we would take an aggressive attack on the illness in order to get you healthy.’

To this day I don’t know if that doctor realizes he saved my life.

Now I have over 17 years of recovery without relapse. I attribute my success to the biochemical approach that is taught at InnerBalance. Today, I have two wonderful children and enjoy each day working with others who struggle with the same type of imbalances I struggled with 18 years ago.”

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“There are too many positive points to list, but here goes: loved the honesty and openness of the counselors – they all talked about their addictions, which makes me feel “normal”; the importance placed upon health with food and supplements, and exercise too; getting out of my comfort zone; and always having questions answered. Very positive environment, very motivating; I didn’t just feel like another client, I was treated with respect and was treated like you really cared about me.” “My goals were achieved as I feel great, no depression and no anti-depression pills. Learned what to eat for better nutrition, and different coping skills for sadness (feeling it), tapping, etc. Learned more about myself in 4 weeks here than 5 years of talk therapy.” “The most significant change for me was getting to know myself better, learning to love myself, and forgiving myself. And actually allowing myself to take and do what’s suggested rather than picking and choosing what “I” want to do or what I think is best for me. I didn’t know I have a fear of abandonment.” “The value of combining biochemical repair with emotional therapy is so great; more than I would have ever imagined. I can’t believe how many “aha” moments I’ve had since being here. Plus I believe (now more than ever) there’s a direct correlation between our emotions/addictions with what we put into and do to our bodies (exercise). Amazing learning!” “I have nothing negative to say; I am so completely happy and satisfied with this program. I believe that I will be able to remain sober for the rest of my life because I have more tools than just AA. Thank you. You will be highly recommended. It’s been a true pleasure.”
– Karen L.


“I can honestly say I was completely blown away by the enormous amount of knowledge and self-discovery I gained from the program here. I feel better than I have ever felt in my life and am completely off prescription drugs!!” “My whole outlook on life and how to continue to lead a new healthy, happy, spiritual, giving, accepting, and sober lifestyle. The experience here at InnerBalance has opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and happiness.” “Being a healthy oriented individual as it is (addiction aside) I found the combination was by far the most unique and beneficial form of treatment to be found anywhere. It just makes perfect sense. You need to be balanced and healthy in both the body itself and the mind in order to be able to conquer any addiction. The staff here was phenomenal as was the entire ‘once in a lifetime experience. Thank you.”
– Linda F.



“I love IBHC. The staff was phenomenal. I immediately felt at ease and also felt that the people and staff truly cared about me and my sobriety.”
– Bobbi D.

“I have been through two treatment programs. Out of the two, I would very highly recommend this type of treatment because of the whole body experience.”
– Ginger R.

“It is an amazing place that is very comfortable and relaxing. All the staff is very helpful and I thank everyone for helping me through such a hard time.”
– Amanda R.

“It is the future-no doubt. I have been to other programs but they failed because they only offered emotional.” “Appreciate everyone’s passion and knowledge.”
– Noah D.

“I feel the GREATEST I have ever felt in my lifetime.” “This place is sent from God, I have thanked God that I am here everyday. This place is a miracle we have all needed to balance of bodies; mind, soul, and work a program all need one another to complete the pie-sobriety.” “The stay has tough but in a huge way very pampering in a healthy needed way. I felt extremely comfortable and supported. I felt at the house and at the office everyone really, really cared about me. I needed that more than you’ll ever know and them giving me the confidence to go out on my own with my kids. Giving me a sober start to a new life and they taught me that it will be a fun happy sober adventure I’ll never regret.”
– Carrie B.

“My goals were accomplished, but I got so much more out of the program then what I intentionally wanted. I learned so much about alcohol and drugs and what it does to the body and the brain. I learned to focus and also that I have the ability to set goals and accomplish them. I learned to harness my will power.” “How euphoric I feel. I feel clear, bright and centered. I have clarity of mind. I can focus. I have self-worth, confidence in myself, and that I am a strong, powerful individual.”
– Willow W.

“I can have an exciting and productive, loving, exciting life in recovery. It’s my choice and InnerBalance has given me the tools to do so.” “I have never been with a staff like this that are so in harmony with the same goal in mind, so selfless that they always go beyond what is expected by me in a loving and caring way. Each person has their particular give to give me and in the end all parts of this program are important and fit.”
– Richard W.

“Significantly valued. Seem to go hand in hand. Allows me to accept the disease and has helped with the guilt and shame-don’t feel like I’m going crazy on top of everything else.”
“It was great. The most life changing experience I’ve had and one I desperately needed. It was a program that I’ll continue to work and is helpful-addiction or not, seems to be the way to live life.”
– Kristy A.

“The value can’t be measured. Biochemical and emotional therapy are support systems for my success.”
“Everything about this program has had exceptional value to me and my addiction. My peer group, counselors, information base, spiritual direction, health benefits, and the expectation of good aftercare through proper planning.”
– Jim R.

“It has been an unparalleled experience. The nutritional piece shed a lot of light and I gained so much knowledge and knowledge is power. The IV fluids and supplements made me feel better thus eliminating my desire to find unhealthy means of feeling better.”
“The house staff was absolutely wonderful, and I felt I was in a safe place to go through all the emotions.”
– Shea L.

“Cattail was more like a spa and not rehab. It really helps you keep a positive attitude. Like Ron had said, ‘You don’t have to be punished just because you drank or have an addiction.’ I will highly recommend your program.”
– Ann Marie I.

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